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10,000 Track Champs Results

Today’s 10,000m track championship took place at Richmond Stadium, in Ashton-under-lyne and two club records were broken Victor Shirley breaking the M75 record and Rebecca Mills breaking the F35 record. Well done to both. The club records will be update shortly.

Results are below and will be sent to Power of 10 soon. (PDF version)

Pos Name Club Age Time  
1 Robert White Buxton AC M40 35.12.9  
2 Paul Freary Belgrave Harriers M50 35.27.1  
3 Mike Nolan Dark Peak Fell Runners M50 35.37.2  
4 Robert Jackson Horwich R M I Harriers M50 37.39.4  
5 Giles Bennett Bury AC M50 39.15.1  
6 Steven Doxey Swinton RC M55 39.36.3  
7 Owen Flage Oldham & Royton M45 39.39.3  
8 Barry Greaves Royton Road Runners M60 40.02.9  
9 Lesley Watson Bingley Harriers & AC F45 40.14.8  
10 Mervyn Ward Warrington AC M60 40.47.6  
11 Martin Farran Leeds City AC M55 41.21.9  
12 Mark Westman Bingley Harriers & AC M60 43.59.0  
13 Victor Shirley Northern Masters AC M75 44.15.8 Club Record
14 Rebecca Mills Swinton RC F35 44.29.6 Club Record
15 David Maddison Northern Masters AC M55 44.45.6  
16 Rachel Parker Saltaire Striders F45 47.51.6  
17 Jason Newell Spenborough & District AC M45 52.30.0  
18 Mike Barnes Northern Masters AC M75 53.37.0  
19 Kevin Dillon Manchester AC M60 1:01.28.0

Photos below thanks to Emma McQueen:

BMAF Track & Field Champs


25TH & 26TH AUGUST 2018

30-year-old club record tumbled this weekend with Steve Peters breaking the M65 record over 100m. In total there were nine new club records (CR) set at this year’s BMAF Track & Field Championships. Steve Peters broke the M65 100m record which had stood for 30 years.

Congratulations to all athletes that competed over the weekend, with some using it as final preparation for the World Championships in the coming weeks, although the weather didn’t help much in acclimatising to the heat expected in Spain

For a more in-depth report go to BMAF.org.uk


M35: Michael Burr Grantham AC HJ – 1:80 (CR), LJ – 6:14, TJ – 12:49 (CR)

M45: Mike Coogan East Cheshire 200m – 24.16

M45: Andrew England NMAC HJ – 1:63

M45: Marcus Medina City of York 400mH – 61.40, LJ – 6:13, TJ – 12:42

M50: Steve Linsell Leeds AC HJ – 1:74

M55: Stephen Watmough Warrington AC 5000m – 17:01.53

M60: Kelyvn Grundy NMAC PV – 2:80

M60: Peter Hickey Leigh Harriers 200m – 27.10

M65;  Steve Peters NMAC 100m – 12.56 (CR), 200m – 26.22, 400m – 62.59 (CR)

M75: Vic Shirley NMAC 800m – 2:51.96, 1500m – 5:51.61

M75: John Watts NMAC SP – 9:50

M80: Geoffrey Bobb City of York 200m – 35.87, SP – 8:95 (CR)

M80: Trevor Driver Halifax HJ 1:10, LJ – 2:77, TJ – 6:11

M80: Fred Gibbs Bingley Harriers 5000m – 28:02.68 (CR)

W35: Lucy Evans Sale Harriers 100m – 12.46, 200m – 26.12

W35: Fiona Thomas Spenborough SP – 10:28

W35: Lynsie Whyke Wakefield Harriers TJ – 10:24

W40: Milly Smith Southport Waterloo 80mH -14.25, 400mH -75.79

W45: Clare Constable Southport Waterloo 800m – 2:23.87

W45:  Caroline Warden Preston Harriers LJ – 4:72

W55: Wendy Laing Leigh Harriers HJ – 1:50

W55:  Julie Wilson Reading AC SP – 9:66

W60:  Jennifer Ibbitson Wakefield Harriers SP – 8:64

W60:  Jenny Wakeman Barnsley AC 800m – 2:51.97


M45: Jason Newell Spenborough AC PV – 2:30

M45: Jeff Prest Trafford AC 1500m – 4:23.01, 5000m – 15:59.75

M45: John Twiddle Kingston upon Hull WT – 11:45, SP- 12:04

M45:  Mick Wall Steel City 200m – 25:21

M60: David Gill Warrington AC 2000m S/C – 8:14.07 (CR)

M60: Roger Morley Bury AC TJ – 8:44

M70: Mick Casey Barnsley AC 1500m – 5:45.98, 5000m – 20:48.64

M70: Albert England Seaton AC 400m – 75.02

M80: George Glover Warrington AC 100m – 18.57

W35: Lynsie Whyke Wakefield Harriers LJ – 4:79

W45: Anita Saunders Pendle 200m – 28:88

W55: Julie Hicken Warrington AC 300mH – 63.04

W55: Wendy Laing Leigh Harriers SP – 9:28, LJ – 4:42

W60: Averil McClelland NMAC 200m – 31.24 (CR)

W60:  Hilary West Macclesfield 800m – 2:55.54


M35: Anthony Browne Doncaster AC 200m – 23.56

M40: Andrew Cartwright Wakefield Harriers 1500m – 4:33.36

M4: Greg Pell Scunthorpe AC WT – 11:17, SP – 11.65

M50: Tony Balko Blackburn Harriers SP – 10:35

M50: Gary Clare NMAC 200m – 26.78

M50: Richard Timms Settle Harriers 400mH – 71.07

M60: Ian Scholes Trafford AC 100m – 13.51

M70: Rod Scholes Barnsley AC 800m – 2:52.56

M80: Trevor Driver Halifax SP – 7:70

W35: Naana Adusei Leeds AC 100m – 13.44

W40: Milly Smith Southport Waterloo HJ – 1:35

W45: Anita Saunders Pendle 100m – 13.35, LJ – 4:04

W60: Averil McClelland NMAC 100m – 14.71 (CR)

NMAC 5000m Track Champ Results

Massive thank you goes to the officials and volunteers that made last night a resounding success. The results are already on Power of 10 (click here) We have potentially (subject to ratification!!!) 2 new club records tonight in the 5000m Club Championships:

Vic Shirley M75 21:16.8
Janice Needham F65 23:36.1

Well done to both in very hot conditions!!!

Also Martin James took photos of the races last night (as well as racing) and they can be found on flickr by clicking here.

Here are the results

5000 X35 1
Pos Perf Name AG Year Coach Club SB PB
1 18:07.5 Sarah Murphy PB V40 W 6 Andrew Carter Vale Royal 18:07.5 18:07.5
2 19:14.5 David Gill SB V60 M 26 Warrington AC/Fire Service/Eastern Masters 19:14.5 17:57.12
3 19:44.9 Barry Greaves SB V60 M 28 Oldham & Royton/Royton 19:44.9 19:18.7
4 19:46.6 AN Other
5 20:42.1 Mervyn Ward SB V60 M 29 Warrington AC 20:42.1 18:48.2
6 21:11.6 Ken Fowler SB V65 M 31 Bolton 21:11.6 19:00.7
7 21:16.0 Stephen Bowden SB V60 M 28 Tony McCarthy Warrington RR 21:16.0 20:45.83
8 21:16.8 Victor Shirley PB V75 M 41 Northern Masters 21:16.8 21:16.8
9 21:23.2 Graham Webster SB V65 M 32 Lytham St. Annes/Northern Masters 21:23.2 18:49.1
10 21:43.3 Jennifer Ransome PB V55 W 21 Road Runners Club 21:43.3 21:43.3
11 21:44.1 Rebecca Mills SB V35 W 3 Swinton/Northern Masters 21:44.1 21:02.1
12 22:13.8 Alison Vesey SB V55 W 22 Phil Nichol Altrincham/Northern Masters 22:13.8 21:56.71
13 22:16.4 John Archer PB V65 M 33 Winston Runners 22:16.4 22:16.4
14 22:20.4 Francis Day SB V65 M 33 East Cheshire 22:20.4 19:18.41
15 23:11.8 Rose James PB V35 W 5 Doncaster 23:11.8 23:11.8
16 23:31.6 Eric Ranicar SB V70 M 36 Bolton 23:31.6 18:07.8
17 23:36.1 Janice Needham SB V65 W 31 Rochdale H 23:36.1 21:17.7
18 24:49.3 Linda Statham PB V45 W 12 Warrington RR 24:49.3 24:49.3
19 27:07.2 Mike Barnes SB V75 M 43 Bolton/Northern Masters 27:07.2 23:26.0
20 28:50.4 Karen Doherty SB V45 W 11 Radcliffe 28:50.4 28:38.5
21 29:24.6 Kevin Dillon SB V60 M 30 Manchester H/Northern Masters 29:24.6 26:05.9
5000 X35 2
Pos Perf Name AG Year Coach Club SB PB
1 16:29.3 James Scott-Buccleuch SB V35 M 5 Stockport 16:29.3 15:32.95
2 16:58.2 Paul Freary SB V50 M 16 Paul Freary Belgrave 16:58.2 13:55.34
3 17:05.5 Stephen Watmough PB V55 M 22 Nick Anderson Warrington AC 17:05.5 17:05.5
4 17:41.5 Fahmi Mohammed PB V35 M 4 Fahmi Mohammed Blackley North Manchester 17:41.5 17:41.5
5 18:09.4 Robert Jackson SB V50 M 18 Horwich 18:09.4 17:47.0
6 18:18.2 Martin James SB V40 M 8 Martin James Doncaster 18:18.2 17:13.85
7 18:53.4 Miras Eskander PB V35 M 5 Northern Masters 18:53.4 18:53.4
8 19:13.8 Steven Doxey SB V55 M 23 Swinton/Northern Masters 19:13.8 17:42.5
9 19:53.8 Martin Horbury SB V55 M 21 St. Theresa’s 19:53.8 18:23.77
10 20:00.5 Christopher Roberts PB V40 M 10 Northern Masters/Unattached 20:00.5 20:00.5
11 20:16.8 Ian Stainthorpe PB V55 M 22 Rochdale H 20:16.8 20:16.8
12 20:38.2 Frank Cordingley PB V55 M 23 Sale Harriers Manchester 20:38.2 20:38.2
13 21:28.4 Andy Duffy SB V55 M 22 Burnden 21:28.4 20:24.6
14 23:52.6 Jason Newell PB V45 M 13 Spenborough/Northern Masters 23:52.6 23:52.6


Northern Masters T & F Meet 11/7

Sorry for the delay in posting the championship results, they have been on Power of 10 for a while. Once again thanks to the officials and volunteers for making it happen:

You can view results by clicking here

BMAF results May / June

May / June proved to be a busy time for Northern Masters athletes at various British Masters Championships with venues around the country. There were some great performance and below is a selected results and more information can be found in the results section at BMAF.org.uk.

Vitality Masters Mile London 17 May 2018

Gold Medals Winners

M55 Chris Ireland Sheffield RC 4.58

M70 Mike Casey Barnsley AC 5.57

F60 Jennifer Wakeman Barnsley AC 6.12

Bronze Medal Winners

M40 Richard Clancy NMAC 4.53

M65 Graham Webster Lytham St Annes 5.59

Endurance Track Championships and Outdoor Pentathlon Oxford 3 June 18

10000m Track Championships

Gold Medal Winners

M40 Nick Jones Warrington AC 33.01.28

M55 Stephen Watmough Warrington AC 35.51.73

M60 Kevin Newman Doncaster AC 38.50.87

M70 Mick Casey Barnsley AC 43.25.0

Silver Medal Winner

M35 James Scott-Buccleuch Stockport Harriers 35.05.75

10000m Walk

Gold Medal Winner

M75 Mick Barker NMAC 1:16.14.80

Outdoor Pentathlon (LJ, JT, 200m, DT, 1500m)


M45 Andrew England City of York 2269


M35 Carl McMullen Cannock & Stafford AC 2234

5K Road Championships Horwich 17 June 2018

Gold Medals Winners

M40 Nick Jones Warrington AC 15.35

M70 Mick Casey Barnsley AC 20.21

M75 Les Haynes Bingley Harriers & AC 22.05

W40 Sarah Jane Murphy Vale Royal AC 18.08

W60 Lynne Higgins Wolds Veteran RC 20.07

W65 Jane Morley Wolds Veterans AC 23.32

Silver Medals Winners

M55 Stephen Watmough Warrington AC 17.07

M65 David Gee Manchester Harriers AC 18.56

M80 David Spencer Barrow & Furness Striders AC 26.08

W35 Elizabeth Renondeau Vale Royal AC 18.17

W65 Pauline Davies Vale Royal AC 24.47

Bronze Medals

M35 Paul Croon Derwent Cockermouth 16.13

M45 Jeff Prest Trafford AC 16.20

M55 John Convery Bingley Harriers AC 17.31

M75 Mel Walker Burnden Road Runners 23.45

M80 Steve James Southport Waterloo AC 26.16

W45 Lesley Watson Bingley Harriers & AC 19.46

BMAF 5K M55 1st Team Warrington AC

Warrington AC runners with medals from the 5k Champs.

From left to right Nick Jones (Gold V40) Mervyn Ward (11th V60) Colin Bishop (V55 Team Gold), Steve Watmough (Silver V55 & V55 Team Gold) David Gill (V55 Team Gold)

BMAF 5K F35 is Team Vale Royal AC

Vale Royal athletes, Sarah Jane Murphy, Elizabeth Renondeau, Carolyn Dooley with Alex Rowe

NMAC Track & Field Champ Results 2018

What a fantastic days competition this past Sunday at our annual Track and Field Championships! Record numbers, record temperatures (probably!) and some brilliant competitions – thanks to all the officials, volunteers, supporters and our hosts at Spenborough AC and Dave, Amanda and Clive for doing the bulk of the work to make it happen!! Brilliant work!! (words by Jason Newell)

All feedback welcome – unless it’s to do with sunburn then I am afraid we can’t help you…..

Results are now on Power of 10 and can be viewed here

Any issues please get in touch. Photos from the event can be found on our Facebook group.

NMAC Track and Field Series 1

What a great night tonight at the NMAC Track and Field Series hosted by team Spen! Thanks especially to all the officials and volunteers, always appreciated and obviously we couldn’t do what we do best without you! Ok the weather wasn’t great at about 6 degrees and misty with a breeze against up the finishing straight but there were some really good races and the usual jovial atmosphere in the field events!!! It was fantastic to see so many of you there and to meet you all too! Next one is at Sports City on the 6th of June, back at Spen on 11th July and we have a surprise addition for you in August! Watch this space!!!
The following clubs were all represented out of a total of 51 athletes (40 male, only 10 female) with the 45-49’s winning the most popular age category!!
Leeds City
Beeston AC
Clayton Le Moors
East Cheshire
Kingston Upon Hull
Leeds City
Lytham St Annes
Manchester Harriers
Roundhay Runners
Spectrum Striders
Valley Striders
Thank you all for travelling and hope to see you again!
Oh – nearly forgot! I have done the results and they can be viewed hereI will send to Po10 asap – then redo them a few times until they are in the right format then they will be available online!!

Northern Masters 10 mile champs

Despite the ‘Beast of the East’ fifteen athletes braved the weather conditions to compete in the last 10-mile road race organised by Dave Waywell.

A big thank you to Dave and his team of volunteers who for all the hard work over the years as this popular spring race will be missed


Position Name Club Cat Cat pos Time
3 P MULLER NMAC  M60 1 62:24
4 M ESKANDER  NMAC  M35 1 66:27
5  A DUFFY BURNDEN RR  M55 1 73:59
7  A HOUGH NMAC F55 2 77:46
8 A HUDSON WESHAM RR  M65 1 79:20
9  M BATES WESHAM RR  M60 2 79:22
12 P LEAVER WESHAM RR M60 3 81:41


British Masters Winter Throws Championships

Held at Lee Valley Stadium over the weekend 10/11 March 2018. Athletes from Northern Masters came away with 4 Gold Medals, 7 Silver Medals and 3 Bronze Medals

Greg Pell led the way with 2 Golds and a silver


WT & DT – M45 Greg Pell

DT – M75 John Watts

HT – M45 John Twiddle


WT – M45 John Twiddle

WT – M75 James Sloan

HT – M40 Dan Upton

HT & JT – M50 Dave Brown

HT – M60 Ian Cooley

JT – M40 Greg Pell


WT & DT – M40 Dan Upton

WT – M60 Ian Cooley

British Masters Indoor Championships

Held at the indoor arena at Lee Valley, members of Northern Masters competed at the British Masters Championship. Some of our athletes where find tuning in readiness for the European indoor Championships at the end of the month. Congratulations to all our medal winners.

Tom Phillips has uploaded a wide range of photos from the BMAF Indoor Championships. To view, please visit tomphillipsphotos.co.uk


60M – M80 Tony Edwards

200M – W60 Hilary West 

200M & 400M – W65 Caroline Marler

400M & 800M – M80 Rodney Mills

800M – M70 Rod Scholes

3000 – M35 Bruno Limo

60H, LJ &TJ – M80 Tony Bowman

HJ – M50 Steve Linsell

HJ – M70 Edward Wagner

PV – M50 Mark Johnson

LJ & TJ- W35 Lynsie Whyke (New Club Record in the Triple Jump)

SP – M50 Dave Brown

SP – M70 Edward Wagner

SP – W35 Kerrie Buckley


60M – M35 Marvin Edwards

60M & 200M -W35 Naana Adusei

400M & 800M – M70 Albert Eland

800M – M55 Jed Turner

HJ – M45 Andrew England

SP – M45 Greg Pell

SP – M75 John Watts

SP – M85 James Farrar


800M – M45 Mike Toal

800M – W60 Hilary West

3000M – M70 Rod Scholes

SP – M40 Dan Upton

SP – M45 John Twiddle