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New Medal Secretary Required

Clive Rigby, our present medals secretary, is hoping to retire this year ,from a post that he has done very efficiently for a long time. Northern Masters Athletic Club is looking to replace him at the AGM in October. If you are interested in becoming Medals secretary please send your details and any experience to our secretary, Alina Stepanchuk at alinocik@gmail.com before August 1st 2020.

The post requires the secretary:-

  •  To audit the stock of medals
  • To order replacement medals to ensure that there is sufficient stock to cover forth coming events
  • To ensure that the required number of medals are able to be presented at the appropriate events
  • To purchase labels and place on medals
  • To take the medals themselves or to make arrangements for them
    to be available at the venue
  • To be available to attend committee meetings when required

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