Cross Country

NMAC are looking at how they can best cater for all aspects of member’s athletic needs. NMAC have instigated several meetings for those of you who are interested in competing on the track. There will also be several road events for those who prefer this aspect of athletics.

The one area of athletics that has not been covered so far is cross country. NMAC are hoping to compete in the Mid Lancs Cross Country League in the 24/25 season. It consists of 3 races before Christmas and 3 more in the New Year. This will be for First Claim members although Second Claim members can compete as long as their UKA club does not already complete in the league. It will compete , as it says, in the Lancashire area with courses around Blackburn, Burnley and Liverpool in the 24/25 season.

NMAC would like to know which of you would be interested in competing in this league as members of a NMAC team. The cost of entry to the club is quite expensive, based on the number of members we have, so NMAC will need to know that it will be well supported by First Claim members before making the commitment to join the league.

In order to give NMAC an idea of how many members would be interested could you please let the Chair know before the 26th of May. The best contact will be on 01772 929366. if no one is available then you can leave your name and age on the answer phone.