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2021 Northern Masters Athletic Club Annual General Meeting

2021 Northern Masters Athletic Club Annual General Meeting
The AGM of NMAC will now be held on Sunday 21st November at 4 pm by Video link.
.Details of how to register will be published later on the Website or by social media. You can register after 14th November in order to obtain the link.
NMAC are still requiring a Treasurer and a Membership secretary. If you are interested in any of these positions or would like more information about what the position involves please contact Jason Newell or the Chair (01772 929366) for further details. Without these two important posts being filled then the future of the club may be in doubt.
We have over 400 members, there must be someone out there who has the experience to fill either of these important posts. You will be given assistance and advice to carry out your roles while you gain experience.
As memberships are due to be renewed from January next year, if we have no one filling the roles it could be that you are unable to enter NMAC or BMAF events as you are no longer recognised by Open Track as being a member of either of these two clubs. That is how serious the situation is.
NMAC 1/11/2021

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