NMAC Athlete’s Forums

With the impending return to training and competition in whatever form that takes for track and field athletes NMAC would like to offer you the athletes the chance to input into the planning of future events.

We will host an athlete’s forum every Wednesday at 7:30pm addressing a different area of competition and not only welcome your input and give you a chance to openly discuss any issues in your events as well as the new rules and guidance for Covid safe competition. Also hopefully a chance to meet up with some you may not have had any contact with in your events during lockdown!

There is no specific agenda, conversation will be lead by a committee member but these meetings are to get the opinions and feedback of you, the members. It is often said in clubs that everything is decided by the committee – well we want to be more open and engaged with our members and be lead (where possible!) by them but at least to give everyone the opportunity to put forward their opinions – and in some cases with more experience than us!

These meetings will help us shape our competition calendar for 2021, and beyond.

April 7thThrows – Jason Newell

April 14thSprints – Caroline Marler

April 21stJumps – Jason Newell

April 28thDistance – Philip Lee

To access these meetings please add yourself to the event in the Facebook Group, or message Jason Newell directly.

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