NMAC Christmas Handicap and AGM

There was a good turnout at the Christmas Predictor race, with more opting for the single lap 5km than the double loop 10k. Weather conditions were perfect, it turned out sunny and dry after overnight rain which left lots of puddles across the Flash. Rob Jackson and Colin Bishop set off at a pace on the 10k and finished together having not been able to make a break from each other all race long. Alex Rowe was the first finisher in the 5k closely followed by track sprinter Jason Newell, but it was left to Ken Fowler to win the Predictor with just 7 seconds over his time in the 10k and Jason Newell assisted by the previous day’s parkrun to also get within 7 seconds in the 5km. Sherry and mince pies followed in the Leigh Harriers clubhouse, but sadly only 9 members stayed from the Annual General Meeting afterwards, outnumbered by 10 committee members!

Pictures are available here.

Results are available here

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