NMAC Virtual Grand Prix 2021

Each month during 2021, regardless of whether we return to real life racing and competition, we will run a virtual race. You will only have one distance to do each month (not two as previously) and the distance for any given month will be specified beforehand. A league table of results will be published. This time we will be providing medals and at no cost, entry will still be free!

Sign up HERE

Submit January’s 5k result HERE

Each month submit your best result for the set distance along with your GPS track on Strava (or whatever platform you use!) and we (I) will do the rest!

Results will be normalised using an age grade calculator (according to the WMA Age Grade Calculator which can be found here - and points awarded from 100 for the highest Age Grades M/F down to the lowest and added up to the end of the year – we will add up the best 9 of your 12 results to give people a break in case of injury etc. If we get more than 100 entries of either gender we will extend the points to 200 downwards.

Age will be calculated on the 1st day of each month. Results will not be backdated into previous months. Open for paid up members only.

Distances will be posted monthly on social media before the start of each month, however we will begin with:

January 5k
February 10k

How it works:

1. You only need to enter the Grand Prix once for the whole year
2. Links for entry and to submit results will be posted on the website and Facebook Group.
3. Make sure you spell your name correctly each time you submit a result
4. Don’t be late – but don’t be too early in case you beat your time!!


1. Why can’t I just submit a time? Without your DOB we cannot calculate your Age Grade.
2. I don’t want to give you my details…… Your information is stored on an encrypted platform and only your results will be published, not your contact details or DOB.
3. I submitted my results early then went quicker – can I change my results? Of course but it is a fiddle and leads to errors – please wait until you are confident you have done your best time.
4. How come you are giving medals for a free event? We have all been through a tough time the last year and we are not giving out too many…..
5. What medals are you giving out? Top 3 Male and Female athletes for the year.

All information provided is for the use of this competition only.

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