Tom Grantham will be holding INDOOR RUNJUMPTHROW meetings at England Institute of Sport, Sheffield on the following dates:

December 29th, January 20th and February 3rd.

These are the programmes for the 3 dates:

Friday 29th December  2023 12.45-17.00

  1. 60m hurdles
  2. 3km
  3. 60m u11+
  4. 2nd 60m
  5. 150m u11+
  6. 600m All
  7. 800m u13+
  8. 200m u11+
  9. 400m u15

Pole Vault u11+

Shot Put u13+

Long Jump u11+

Saturday 20th January 2024 13.45-18.00

  1. 3km.
  2. 60m u11+
  3. 2nd 60m
  4. 1500m elite
  5. 800m u13+
  6. 200m u11+
  7. 400m u15+

Pole Vault u11+

Shot Put u13+

Long Jump u11+

1500m sub 3:50


Masters GP and Open Saturday 3rd February 2024 13.45-18.00

1. 3km. Masters

2.60m u15+

3.2nd 60m

4.400m hurdles u17+

5. 800m Masters

6.200m u15+

7.400m u17+

Pole Vault u11+

Shot Put u 17+

Long Jump u11+

NMAC will have an age graded performance competition within it. There will be 4 categories with a trophy for each:


Middle distance



The best performance from the three meetings will count. You can do 1,2 or 3 meetings, up to you.

Online entry £11 and £5 additional event

Entry @ https//

Electronic timing. Unrelated to our Trophies, Tom is offering prize money : £75 each (£225 total) to highest scoring athletes on the Hungarian scoring tables

Any queries email :