Good morning please find the latest team sheets, sorry for the delay. We still have 12 days until selection will be decided on Feb 5th. There will be some time after that to fill gaps and for athletes to get in touch. We’re still requiring pole vaulters, race walkers, W50 sprinters.
Sorry for the quick post, I am at work, but will answer requests for selection later. Contact me on 07305 991663, on Facebook, in the comments here or on my email to [email protected].
Let’s win it, we can do this!! Plus it’s a great day out. 💪🏆💪🏆💪🏆
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Good morning, please find below the latest provisional team sheet for the Inter-area Track and Field Challenge Indoors, taking place at Lee Valley on Sunday Feb 25th. Fortunately a few more athletes have been in touch so this will be updated again soon. We are being asked to make a decision on whether or not we’re sending a Northern Masters team for the event. I know some of those already up for selection would be willing to do more events and move those metrics at the bottom of each age group up towards the magic 100%, but we really need to know if anybody else would like to be considered for selection soon.
Inter-area is a fantastic day out, a chance to represent the north against the other areas of England and against Wales and Scotland too, it’s a huge honour to be in the team and the support you get when competing is heart warming and passionate. I love it, and if you haven’t done inter-area before I guarantee you will too.
If interested please contact me on a message to 07305 991663, on my FB or by email to [email protected]. It means so much when athletes get in touch wanting to compete.
As you can see from the team sheets, there are gaps in the following so here’s my appeal to our members:
W35, middle distance athletes for 800m and 1500m, we could also do with a 400m runner too, plus a race walker. The relay team at this age group could win a competition internationally not just at inter-area, a top class 400m runner to be the 4th 4 x 200m relay runner would be amazing, a potential club record is at stake here!
W50, we need athletes for all running distances from 60m to 1500m plus a race walker and a pole vaulter. I would absolutely love to hear from athletes from this age category, let’s build a great team starting from now, we have the athletes and the ability.
W60, we need athletes for 60mH, 400m, and the two middle distances of 800m and 1500m, plus a race walker please. Our relay team currently has 2 athletes so it’d be great if anyone doing the distances above could join that team for the competition’s ‘grande finale’
W70, is looking good but with only 2 athletes, it’s a little vulnerable, so we can always do with another at least if possible.
M35, we need middle distance runners for 800m and 1500m for this team please. Potentially a pole vaulter too and a race walker, Rick has offered to cover events but can’t bring his pole down to Lee Valley, I am not sure whether they are available to use from the track?
M50, we could do with a runners for 60m, 60mH and a race walker, plus a pole vaulter.
M60, now the legendary John Wright has left these shores, we desperately need an M60 sprinter or two for 60m, 200m, 60mH and a race walker the 4 x 200m relay team needs 2 athletes too. In the field we need a long jumper and a shot putter.
M70, we currently have 2 athletes which is always a risk. We could do with an additional runner, 400m preferably. We also have gaps in long jump, high jump and shot.
Sorry for such a long post, thank you for taking time to read it, let’s win inter-area, we really can do it like we did in 2022 with the men’s team, a big push for athletes this week please.