World Masters Indoors Torun

An incredible 56 of you lovely NMACers are entered in next month’s World Indoor Championships – good luck to all of you!! Please let us know how you get on – a Facebook Event will be set up in the Group for you to all chat to each other and organise get togethers etc…

Kenneth Black
Kevin Dillon
Christopher Ireland
Katherine Wellam
Christopher Roberts
Jed Turner
Steven Taylor
Gary Clare
Ian Fitzpatrick
Brett Rund
Steven Linsell
Ian Scholes
Victor Shirley
Steven Doxey
Naana Adusei
Clare Constable
Trevor Rayner
Mark Johnson
Marvin Edwards
John Nicholls
Michael Coogan
Andrew Parker
Mike Toal
Ian Fraser
Leeroy Golding
Andrew England
Richard Beardsell
Malcolm Mcphail
Wendy Doxey
John Watts
Louise Rudd
Hilary West
Saul Gallagher
Mark Gardner
Sean McCarthy
Alina Stepanchuk
Julie Wilson
Andrea Hough
Mick Barker
Karen Bowler
Tracey Milward
Daniel Paton
David Maddison
Mark Ward
Tony Bowman
James Farrar
Wendy Laing
Tracey Gibson
Darren Gibson
Ian Cooley
Kelly Angela
Sloan James
Birkett John
Thomas Grantham
George Perkins
Jamie Creighton

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