How to Join NMAC

Joining NMAC can be done through opentrack using the following link or by posting the attached form along with cheque. BACS details can be provided if required, please email the membership secretary.

If you are already signed up to open track, you just need to login and renew.

If you aren’t signed up, then you will need to create an account and when you have done this, you can ask to join NMAC from all the masters clubs that are listed. 

Prices and payments

1st claim membership £31

2nd Claim membership £14

Social membership £9

With first claim membership, we pay your EA licence fee to compete in competitions, you only need one first claim club, so if you already have this, then you can join NMAC as 2nd claim.

The payment system is controlled by Opentrack and when payment is made the membership secretary is emailed to say you have joined or renewed.  Our Membership Secretary will then email you a welcome email to give you your membership number and request any other information required.

NMAC Membership Application

Application to join or renew membership (1st April 2024 – 31st March 2025) Download Document