In Memory of Ron Hill 25/09/1938 – 23/05/2021

NMAC are saddened to announce the passing of their member, Ron Hill, who passed away on in May 2021.

Much has been written about the success that Ron achieved in athletics in the main media and how he had  revolutionized how athletics was thought about in his time. Much of what runners do today was instigated by Ron Hill, such as carbon loading and sports clothing. It is taken for granted today but when introduced was revolutionary in its day.

The word Legend is often an over used word in context of today’s sporting stars but Ron was definitely a legend for his exploits as a runner. What is also legendary about Ron is his dedication to running as he ran every day from 20 /12/1964 to 31/01/2017, even when he was injured!!

For some of our members, of a more advanced age group, they may have memories of racing against Ron. One of the often told stories regarding Ron is how after a race, either on the road or over the country, he would open up the boot of his car and sell his clothing.

Many of us will have some memory of Ron. I still use one of his vests when at the gym and have 2 pairs of tracksters which I use for cycling when the weather demands it. As said we all have something to thank Ron for.

NMAC send their deepest condolences to the family of Ron Hill at this sad time in their lives.

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