Presidents Trophy

After the annual Inter Area challenge I choose an athlete to which to present The President’s Trophy. This Trophy was bought a few years ago in memory of Faye Holden an NMAC member who died of cancer in her early 40s. Faye was a lovely person who was happy to do any event at the Inter Area to gain us a few points. In her memory I like to award the Trophy to an athlete who shows that same ‘do anything for points’ attitude.

It was very hard to decide on a recipient this year.

Many, many people did events out of their comfort zone. I can think of Helen Elleker, Debra Casson, Anne Hewitt, Lynsie Whyke, Debra Dasse, Ilse Hemming, Katie Eckersley, Wendy Valentine and Juliet Smith and many more including male athletes.

There were those who filled in at very short notice like Steve Linsell ( world class high jumper covering 3 throws!) , Jed Turner and Simon Oak.

There were Neil Pendlebury and Chris Ireland who heroically took on the dreaded walk!

There were athletes willing to do multiple events, the most amazing being Mark Line who covered 5 events and a relay, amassing a huge 35 points in his events.

Congratulations to the two athletes, Debra Dasse and James Taylor who won all their events. Top class!

So many of you did amazing things, I am sorry I can’t mention you all.

Many of you travelled a long way, getting up really early. NMAC really appreciate your efforts.

The person to whom I want to present The President’s Trophy is John Ward in the M70 age group.

John, a runner who normally does Park Run, cross country and 10ks competed in 4 new events, 100, 400, 800 and Long Jump, an amazing challenge. Not only that he organised himself to travel both ways by train and taxi to compete.”

So, thank you and well done John.

Caroline Marler
NMAC President

The President’s Trophy was presented to John Ward at his home club (Abbey Runners)’s monthly award night.