Many NMAC athletes competed at the final Indoor RunJumpThrow meeting organised by Tom Grantham at EIS Sheffield on February 3rd.
We had our age graded performance challenge within the meetings.
It was noticeable how many more NMAC sprinters there were compared to the other disciplines. This must be mainly to do with the choice of events, 60m 150m, 200m, 300m , 400m and hurdles.There were fewer middle distance runners, even fewer throwers ( only the shot on the programme) and just 3 jumper/ vaulters!
About 30 sprinters contested the SPRINTS category in our NMAC age graded performance competition.
The lead was hotly contested and the standard was very high with the top 11 performances getting over 90%.
After the 2nd meeting Anthony Burniston had been the leader and we were wondering if in the 3rd and last meeting Mike Coogan in the 200m would overtake him. However Anthony went even faster in his 60m in the 3rd meeting scoring a huge % and just held off Mike’s score.
I have listed the top 10 performances below. If anyone further down the list would like their percentage message me!
If I have anyone’s age wrong please tell me as it will alter the percentage. If I have missed anyone as they aren’t listed as NMAC on Power of ten apologies.
The calculations are done using Howard Grubb’s 2015 table, so that 300m times can be included.
96.97% Anthony Burniston (59) 60m 7.92 (photo above)
95.5% Mike Coogan (51)200m 23.62
94.64% Andy Hunter(64) 60m.8.39
93.99% Julie Hicken (66) 60m 9.48
93.1% Mike Coogan(51) 300m 37.39
92.4% Richard Higson-Blythe (49) 60m 7.76
92.2% Rick Beardsell (45) 400m 51.91
91.31% Liz Duke 60m 8.40
90.61% Caroline Marler 60m 11.08
90.32% David Walker (71) 60m 9.19
Another 20 or so NMAC sprinters put in great runs with many well over 80%
In the MIDDLE DISTANCE category we had about 14 runners, so I have listed the top 10 again.
Jed Turner was super consistent in his 800m running and had clearly the top % Others can contact me for their %.
90.35% Jed Turner(63) 800m 2:23.00
86.46% Phil Ryan (55) 800m 2:20.29
85.58% Simon Oak (50) 800m 2:15.9
85.41% Chris Ireland (63) 3000m 10:57.76
84.47% Mike Jackson (64) 3000m 11:11.16
84.03% Gary Graham (57) 3000m10:34.4
83.02% Mike Jackson (64) 800m 2:36.83
82.66% Steve Taylor (65) 800m 2:38.76
78.17% Steven Doxey (63) 3000m 11:58.70
76.41% Stephanie Robson(52) 800m 2:50.54
In the THROWS, only 6 athletes, maybe as the shot put was the only throw on offer.
Positions were:
75.81% John Twiddle (55) 13.76m
64.73% Greg Pell (51) 12.79m
61.39% Hazel Barker (63) 7.76m
59.71% Darran Askew(52) 11.56m
56.7% Steve Linsell (60) 10.33m
45.57% Tony Bowman (88) 4.17m
In the JUMPS/VAULTS only 3 athletes:
85.93% Julien Gittens Triple Jump 10.87m
77.57% Colin Hayton (64) Pole Vault 3.00m
66.73% Stephen Thorpe (50) Triple Jump 10.05m
Anthony Burniston, Jed Turner, John Twiddle and Julien Gittens. If you are at The British Masters Champs or the Inter Area I will bring your trophy. Otherwise it will be posted.